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Windgirls at the Aloha Classic 2016 in Maui

(Wind)girls you rock so badly!! RESPECT! :-)

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Fiona Wylde - Windsurf and SUP Waveriding

Maui has been glistening as usual the last couple of months with waves and beautiful weather! These clips compile my favorite parts of being on Maui with my best friends!
All footage from Norman Roediger.
Song: Delilah by Florence and the Machine

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Oda Johanne - cloudy Fuerte freestyling!

Only a few days left before the 2015 freestyle World Cup kicks off in Fuerteventura. This clip was filmed during one of my training days. The wind has been howling and sending us gusts between 20-50 knots. Looking forward for the competition to start!

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Justyna Sniady - Screw Loose :-)

Maybe the best (and funniest) promo video of all times! Excellent work Sly... ahmm Justyna!

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Rising Star Maaike Huvermann!

Bonaire double elimination against Oda and Sarah-Quita. 16 year old Maaike finished 2nd in this event!

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Leysa waverides

Leysa Perotti - in style!

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3 Blondes in Blue (waters)

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Sara Sommer in Western Australia

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Arrianne & Oda in Jeri

Arrianne and Oda eally show a new level of their freestyling!

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9 year old surfgirls rips!

Valentina Resano!!…


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Zara Davis at full Speed in Namibia!

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Iballa Summer Sessions 2013

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AWT Pistol Wave Bash


Just returning home from the 2nd AWT event; Pistol River Wave Bash held June 18-23rd.…


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My first Day at JAWS!

On April 5th 2013 Sarah Delaunay made her debut in one of the world’s most famous waves.

One, that hardly any windgirls had dared to windsurf before: Jaws!

photo by Jimmie Hepp

words by Sarah Delaunay

There is a beach called Peahi on…


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WHY - Windsurf video by Manuel Grafenauer feat. Amanda Beenen

W.H.Y. from Manuel Grafenauer on Vimeo.

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Toad sequence

Top US windgirl Ingrid Larouche justposted this awesome sequence of a Toad. Sweet!!

Find more photos like this on World of…


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Bonaire Singles Week

Each year I organize Singles Weeks for solo travelers who love to windsurf but don’t love traveling alone. The group meets for dinners at night and participate in Andy Brand’ts ABK Windsurf Camp by day. It’s a great opportunity to learn to sail, hone your skills or take it to the next level. Join me at the beach for the clinic. Wednesday afternoon is free day where we go snorkeling or hiking. There are 3 organized dinners including the group BBQ Thursday evening at Jibe City. Traveling alone…


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JP Girls!

with Shawna Cropas, Olya Raskina and Maxime VanGent!


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Fuerteventura Freestyle

The PWA Freestyle Grand Slam in Fuerteventura is done, and once again saw great action in both the womens and the mens fleets. In the womens division Sarah-Quita Offringa proved to be invincible on more time, showing better moves than ever before. Second place goes to Laure Treboux, who now - after the wave events in Gran Canaria and Tenerife and the freestyle…


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Team Serverne in Pozo

Team Severne going wild in Pozo: featuring winner Iballa Moreno (watch her airial at 2.42 !), Karin Jaggi, Daida Moreno - and Dany Bruch.

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