Interview: Amanda Beenen

"I want to be seen as one of the more radical Chicks in Windsurfing"

You are well known on World of Windgirls since you have uploaded a VERY cool crash video (loops and crashes in Pozo) – one of my favorite clips by the way. But as we know, you have been successful in the meantime - congrats! What is your advice for other girls who want to (learn to) loop?!
First of all, just go for it because it's not so scary and hard as you think it is! Remember it's all in your head! Second, don't give up, no matter how bad it looks or how much your ass, back and neck hurt. You'll get it eventually (remember: no pain, no gain) ! And third, remember to jump up and forward, instead of down and sidewards. And I think its really good to watch yourself on video and compare it with other guys (or girls) who already master the move. This way you can really learn from your mistakes. And don't be afraid to ask people for help, I mean, which guy wouldn't want to help a surfchick with a foward ;-)?

In 2008 you have spent 6 months in Pozo… How did it influence your windsurfing? How did you make a living there? Did the twins help you in any way, or anybody else?
Wow! Well Pozo for me was the big change for my windsurf dreams and level. When I came there I couldn't even do a proper jibe or tack. No airjibe, no nothing, just sail. It took me 2 months to go for the first forward attempt. I remember it was during the PWA event. That was a big turning point, I got the hang of it and wanted more, so I also went for back and pushloops. So my level was getting better everyday! Of course I'm just a poor surfer so I had to work for a living. I got a job as a surf instructor at Club Mistral in the south of Gran Canaria. Together with some friends from Holland we had a lot of fun there teaching people windsurfing!
I didn't got to talk to the twins much, but I got some help from Alex Mussolini, Ruben Petrisie, Ron Barel, Bart de Vries and many more! Like I said before everyone was very happy to help and gave me some great advice! Bart was filming me almost everyday when learning forwards and that helped me a lot! (that's why I got so many great crashes on film haha!) I would love to go back to Pozo, so many different people all there for the same reason! It was an amazing time and I will never forget it! Pozo will probably forever be one of my favourite sailing spots.

You will be co-organizing a Woman’s Wave event in Holland (with Mara van der Schaaf). What can you tell us about this so far?
Well, it's a working process but it's going to be amazing. It's called Dutch Wave Ladies and it's a trainings day for women either to learn wave windsurfing or to improve their wave skills. Just to be windsurfing together, to get in touch with more women on the water and to have fun. A lot of women just won't take the step from sailing on a lake, to sailing on the sea on their own. Or want to find some buddies in windsurfing. So we are here to help! This is actually going to be the second edition of the Dutch Wave Ladies.
Mara (Womens Representative at the International Windsurfing Association) organized it a couple of years ago with some other female windsurfers, the surfchicas. This year, me, Mara van der Schaaf and Arlinde Plomp we will make it an incredible day with a lot to learn, not only for people who never sailed at sea but also for the more experienced windsurfers who want to learn more about waveriding and wave tricks. There will be professional windsurfers who can explain everyting, for everyone, on every level.

When will it happen, and which spot(s) or event sites do you have in mind?
A date is not yet set, but it is definitly going to happen this year! We will try and set some dates in spring and in autumn. There will be a couple of weekend days selected for standby. Whenever the wind and wave conditions are good enough ( wind between 5 and 8 bft, and not to big of waves) it's a go! Location: Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.
By the way: Although It's called DUTCH wave ladies, that doesn't mean that other nationalities are not welcome: Of course every woman who is interested to experience the Dutch Northsea and get some coaching / trainings on the water... You just need to be able to sail with footstraps and harness, don't hesitate and join the fun!

What are your personal plans and dreams for the future – when it comes to windsurfing and a windsurfing lifestyle?
I want to get my level up even more! I want to be seen as one of the more radical chicks in windsurfing. And joining more competitions is also a priority on my list! Besides competing I want to travel as much as possible! I think that sailing a lot of different spots get's your level up! I want to focus completly on wave and I would love to make money doing what I love the most! I am prepared to give everything up for this amazing sport and lifestyle! Starting end 2010 with a world surftrip, I hope to find more sponsors and write some travel stories for the bigger windsurf magazines. In 10 years from now I hope to live the life of Anne-Marie Reichman! Somewhere in Maui doing some amazing trips and events and writing some great stories. And well, I think I'll get there :) A big thanks to all my sponsors who helped me along the way: Sailworks, Nolimitz, & Van der Let & partners Identity.


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